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The Strategist- 4/28/16

Five Keys for a Top-Performing Bond Portfolio
April 28, 2016

Five Keys for a Top-Performing Bond Portfolio

This one-hour webinar will explore the five characteristics of Banks that have been known to produce consistent returns in their bond portfolio.

An overview of the economy, the Fed and the outlook for interest rates will also be included, as well as a discussion about the importance of total return ( which includes the market value of each security) as a more accurate benchmark for measuring performance.

Additional Advanced Portfolio Metrics ( Duration Gap, Depth of Gain) will also be defined and explained so that attendees can compare and contrast their portfolio’s performance to top performers.

Jeffrey P. Goble is the Chief Market Strategist for Country Club Bank. Jeff has his BA and MBA from the University of Kansas and has spent his entire career in the investment industry. Jeff has published books on investing, written numerous investment columns, has spoken at several industry conventions and is a highly regarded professor for the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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