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Your Dreams, Within Reach

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For as long as I can remember, Kansas City Public Television (KCPT) and its local and national PBS programming have been a staple in my house. From Sesame Street and Electric Company to Charlie Rose and Antiques Roadshow, my family has been avid watchers at all stages of our lives. We have all benefited from the timeless values and knowledge we have gained from public television. 

When my six kids were much smaller, Sesame Street was a staple (in part because we chose not to have cable TV but more important because it was high-quality TV). I remember my kids singing many of the songs that taught ABCs as well as some pretty important life lessons. 

One episode of Sesame Street (a classic from the '80s) that stands out is "Ernie Puts Down the Ducky." Hoots the Owl, Sesame Street's hairy monster bandleader, sings Ernie an important lesson when he really wants to play the blues with the rest of the band. Ernie is held back from his dream by his beloved rubber ducky, which he can't seem to put down while he plays. He learns with the help of his fuzzy bandmates that if he wants to try something new and exciting, he might need to set down something that’s holding him back. 

"I learned a thing or two from years of playing in the band / It's hard to play the saxophone with something in your hand!" – Sesame Street's Hoots the Owl

When I think about it, that's a pretty universal lesson and even has some good counsel for a grown-up like me. It also makes me realize how Country Club Bank helps our clients expand and grow to achieve their dreams by moving hurdles like financing out of the way.

Joining the Band

Trying something new can be scary, especially in business. It's easy to get comfortable where we are, and it's usually easier to just stay put than to step forward into an unknown. Maybe you have a dream, something you've always wanted to try, like writing a book, traveling across the country in an RV, or starting your own business.

Before you can attempt any of those endeavors, however, you have to look at what's holding you back. Do you have your own squeaky rubber ducky you can't put down? Moving ahead means letting go of whatever is holding you in place—maybe that's fear or expectation or insecurity. But if you do, you'll learn what Ernie did—that it's not as scary as it seems, and playing in the band is pretty fun. All of our associates do such a tremendous job helping our clients realize their goals and dreams, no matter how large or small they are!

Playing in Sync

What I love about KCPT is that, like our bank, it's community-focused. It has a national presence as a PBS affiliate, but its focus is Kansas City. It's very similar to our bank in a way: You get a bank focused on its community while also offering the full breadth of quality services to meet all of your financial needs.

We're completely committed to Kansas City, and we're here to help build the business community in our region. We're entrepreneurial people, and we love entrepreneurial folks because they're creating something. Our city is full of those who were brave enough to put down the ducky, brave enough to build their business and pursue that dream.

So whether you need something as simple as a business checking account or are looking for treasury management options or wealth and trust services, I know we can be your partner. After all, we have a great "band" here, but we're always on the lookout for a great saxophone player!

Mark Thompson is chairman of the Country Club Trust Company, vice chairman of Country Club Bank, and president of CCB Financial Corporation. While his sax playing skills are lacking, his commitment to the Kansas City community is not. You can find him watching Charlie Rose: The Week faithfully on Friday evenings, and he's thrilled with the new season of Kansas City Week in Review with Nick Haines, KCPT's local show exploring the top stories and newsmakers of the week.



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