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The Capital Corporation brings experienced, hands-on guidance to Boards of Directors and management to assist them with the issues that confront them due to regulatory, management, or safety and soundness issues.

The team of professionals at The Capital Corporation can assist you with the following issues, as needed:

Ownership Planning

The Capital Corporation regularly works with ownership groups on ownership planning and succession. Ownership planning should be considered by:

  • Organizations that are closely held and/or family owned;
  • Organizations that need to buy out minority shareholders for estate planning or other cash needs;
  • Organizations that have shareholders interested in an exit strategy in the near term;
  • Organizations concerned about attracting talented management;
  • Organizations that wish to remain independent; or
  • Organizations that wish to plan ahead for a future sale or liquidity event.

Ownership planning typically includes:

  • An analysis of the ownership as it is today;
  • An identification of what the future ownership will look like;
  • An analysis of alternatives available to accomplish the desired ownership;
  • Selection of the best alternatives to accomplish the desired ownership;
  • Implementation timeframes with accountability for the alternatives selected;
  • Ongoing review and evaluation in order to maintain desired ownership structure.

Sometimes ownership planning involves working with management and ownership in positioning the bank for a future sale or acquisition. Our experience with bank sales gives us a unique background to understand what items can improve the value of a bank, or cost the bank money on a sale.

Strategic Planning

The Capital Corporation frequently provides strategic planning sessions regarding mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and asset sales and purchases. Our strategic planning sessions are focused on the short-term and long-term goals the owners and management have for the organization. We assist the owners and management in understanding where they want to be in the future and how best to position the organization to be there at the appropriate time. Our engagements typically involve:

  • Development of short and long term goals of management and ownership;
  • Development of action plans to achieve goals;
  • Scheduled review of execution of the action plans; and
  • Assistance with shareholder succession

Deal Structure Consulting

Although we primarily work start to finish with bankers on a sale or acquisition transaction, we are often brought into an initiated transaction to assist with deal structure, negotiation, legal and regulatory assistance. Working on an hourly or flat fee basis with our clients The Capital Corporation can bring years of experience and expertise to select parts of a transaction that have already been initiated by the parties.