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Tower Wealth Managers was established as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in 2007, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Country Club Trust Company (CCTC). Prior to becoming Tower Wealth Managers, the group managed assets as the Country Club Trust Company (CCTC) since 2002.

We are a fee-based investment manager providing services for various clients, including individuals, non-profit organizations, corporations, endowments, and foundations. We believe investment management is a business based on trust, and have built our business on this basic premise. We make portfolio decisions and develop asset class assumptions within the confines of a team environment, while employing an individual approach to serving our clients’ portfolio needs.

Tower Wealth Managers is a fiduciary whose duty is to serve the best interests of our clients, including an obligation that requires us to put our client’s interest above our own. Included in the fiduciary standard are the ongoing duties of loyalty and care, and we make investment decisions under this standard. This relationship may differ from some other types of financial organizations who do not employ a fiduciary standard.

Some information provided may be obtained from outside sources believed to be reliable, but no representation is made as to its accuracy or completeness. Documents on this web site are intended for discussion purposes only and should not be considered a recommendation. Please note that investments involve risk, and that past performance does not guarantee future results.