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Wheatland Advisors can help your community bank enhance customer loyalty and increase their fee income by providing value-added products and services to the customer relationship.

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What is Safenet®?

Safenet® is the ideal solution for your community bank. As you help customers find life insurance and annuity solutions, Safenet® brings peace of mind to your customers and a better bottom line for your bank.

Safenet® in Action

Safenet® Technology

Life Insurance

Life's milestone moments require a promise - to love, cherish, guard and protect.

And an important part of keeping those promises is making sure your loved ones would be okay financially if something were to happen to you. That's why there's life insurance.

Keep your promise, insure your love

What you need to know about Life Insurance

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BNControl gives your employees access to information that enhances their efficiency so they can offer better customer service. This clearer perspective improves your overall profitability.

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Value Checking

Research shows that many bank customers are willing to pay for value. Value-added checking accounts not only increase the amount your customers are willing to pay, but they also improve the quality of your relationships with your customers. Increased value, increased loyalty, and increased revenues all go hand-in-hand.

Econocheck Retail Checking Strategies

Econocheck Business checking Strategies