BancPath CECL Calculator

Asset Management Group has released a fully functional BancPath® CECL (Current Expected Credit Loss) calculator to help you comply with the new CECL standards scheduled to take effect in January 2023. Calculate CECL and ACL (Allowance for Credit Losses) using the Open Pool Method, Vintage Method, Weighted Average Remaining Maturity Method, Risk Migration Rating, Risk Migration Roll or PD_LGD.

This new easy-to-use CECL solution allows you to:

  1. Model the impact of CECL on your capital plan, strategic plan and budget.
  2. Quickly determine the changes needed in your current reserve provision.
  3. Communicate the impact CECL will have on your institution to your board and management team.
  4. Document Q Factors cleanly and efficiently for compliance.

This CECL calculator is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of multiple methodologies for comparison and validation, allowing you to evaluate and customize a method tailored specifically to your institution.

Start putting the CECL calculator to work today! To arrange a live demonstration of the BancPath® CECL calculator or to schedule a consultation on how to implement the CECL calculator, please submit the following information:

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