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The banking industry has undergone substantial changes over the last several years. For community banks to both survive the increased regulatory scrutiny and provide acceptable returns to shareholders, they must become more sophisticated in their qualitative review and analysis of their balance sheets. To that end, AMG has created the BancPath Drill Down report package. AMG collects a monthly data set from the bank and uses it to provide a detailed and comprehensive analysis of a bank's loan and deposit portfolios. The report package has three primary goals:

  1. Improve profitability
  2. Improve risk management
  3. Streamline and automate the bank's internal reporting

These goals are achieved by including analytics covering a wide variety of risk, return, and production metrics, including:

  • Yield analysis
  • Duration analysis
  • Concentrations
  • Pricing trends
  • Delinquency trends
  • Credit grade trends
  • Net charge-offs (used to create ranges for ALLL accounts)
  • Credit stress testing
  • Loan officer reporting and ranking
  • Branch reporting and ranking
  • Production
  • Repricing schedules
  • Prepayment speed analysis
  • Loan floor and ceiling analysis and much more

The gains in pricing will make these reports one of the highest R.O.I. services in your bank. In addition to increasing profits and improving risk management, how much time do you currently spend on production, branch, and loan officer reporting? And how many mistakes are in those reports? The Drill Down Reports eliminate this internal function with automated reporting that is consistent, timely, and accurate.

  • Reports are available for portfolio profile and production.
  • Branches are profiled and ranked.
  • Each branch has its individual report that breaks down the loan and deposit portfolios as well as recent production.
  • The same concept is used to rank the bank's production staff in a customizable matrix for each bank.
  • There is also a report detailing each loan officer's portfolio, including portfolio metrics and details on each officer's top 10 accounts.

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The banking business is tougher and more competitive than ever. Do you have all of the information and insight you need to proactively manage your balance sheet? Do you have the same metrics and analytics for your loan portfolio as you have for your bond portfolio? Are you wasting too much time and valuable staffing creating monthly reports? Contact us to get a full demo of the BancPath Drill Down Reports and learn to see your bank in a whole new light.

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