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Bonds 102 - Country Club Bank Summer School

Online Classes
July 07 - July 26, 2023

Country Club Bank Bond School returns with summer classes!
Please join our investment team for a six-part virtual bond school designed to help in educating your investment banking team on fixed-income strategies and products.


Thanks to all who attended!


Session 1: Treasuries

July 7 (Friday 10:00) — Todd Czinege

Session 2: Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) Part 1

July 12 (Wednesday 10:00) – David Farris 

Session 3: Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) Part 2

July 14 (Friday 10:00) — David Farris 

Session 4: Agencies 

July 19 (Wednesday 10:00) — Natalie Regan

Session 5: Municipals

July 21 (Friday 10:00) — Natalie Regan

Session 6: Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs)  

July 26 (Wednesday 10:00) — Jeff Macy


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