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This service is only available to customers who have wire transfer agreements on file.

We can help you send money or drafts overseas through an international wire transfer. Receipt of a wire transfer request does not automatically guarantee that the funds will be transferred. Country Club Bank will not transfer any funds until the wire transfer request has been verified and confirmed by the customer according to our wire transfer security procedures.

For more information, please email wires@countryclubbank.com or call (816) 931-4060.

(Why should our customer send international drafts and wires instead of U.S. Dollar payments?)

Benefit from Lower Fees: Reducing of Banking fees. Sending or receiving U.S. dollars internationally involves an extra U.S. correspondent bank in the wire routing. Each correspondent bank deducts a fee, inflating the transaction cost. There may also be a further delivery delays while the U.S. correspondent bank processes the wire.

Avoid Exchange Rate Fluctuations: When sending U.S. dollars internationally, the exchange rate is set later in the transaction, out of the customer control. When we send a foreign currency wire, the rate of exchange and cost are known up front.

Reduce Inflated Invoices: Overseas suppliers that bill in U.S. dollars usually add fees to protect themselves against unfavorable exchange rate fluctuations between the time of billing and settlement. Arranging to pay in the local currency minimizes this "rate risk".

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By selecting 'I Agree,' you affirm that you have a wire transfer agreement on file with us and agree to follow its terms and conditions.

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