Welcome to the AMG blog.  The current economic environment has created a situation where community banks are more reliant than ever on margin income.  In addition, our regulators are pressuring us to better define and measure our risk on all fronts.  The result is that asset liability management has moved to the forefront of community bank issues, and many institutions are not adequately prepared to deal with this new reality.

At AMG we provide asset liability modeling and consulting to banks around the country.  Our goal with this blog is to provide a resource to bankers, a place where you can find:

  • explanations of asset liability terms and concepts
  • updates on regulatory issues
  • observations on industry trends
  • tips and best practices

We hope that the blog becomes an interactive conversation where we can continue to learn about what is happening out in the trenches.  We appreciate any feedback, and please contact us if you would like to further discuss any of these issues.