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Client Spotlight – TruckMovers

TruckMovers invests in good people and systems — with capital from Country Club Bank

Since 1983, Independence, Mo.-based TruckMovers has been on a mission to become the truck driveaway industry gold standard for the transportation of new and used trucks for dealers and manufacturers across North America, including Canada and Mexico. With an emphasis on systems and technology, the company has gone from moving 30,000 trucks annually 15 years ago to moving over 175,000 in 2022. TruckMovers President Andy Glass shares the company’s growth story and history working with Country Club Bank, and also provides perspective on some of the transportation industry’s key trends.

From one truck to thousands, whether it be used equipment or finished vehicles from the factory, nobody moves more trucks or moves them better than TruckMovers.

That’s the company’s bold promise – and the attested experiences of the nation’s leading truck manufacturers and dealers – who have trusted TruckMovers to move their vehicles for over 40 years.

President Andy Glass says a commitment to systems and technology early on gave TruckMovers a competitive advantage that it has continued to press to win big clients and big contracts.

‘We look at everything we do in our business from a systems and technology lens,” Glass said. “Our CEO, Tom (Duvall), realized that investing in technology was the best way to facilitate growth and productivity and it’s been a big differentiator for us over the years.”

With a background in software engineering, Glass was one of TruckMovers’ first strategic hires on the technology side. Glass and his development teams have been instrumental in designing TruckMovers’ game changing technology such as an online marketplace exchange, a shipment tracking platform, driver contracting and management tools, a mobile app, and much more.

The company has grown to 800 full-time employees and over 2,000 contract drivers serving some of the biggest names in truck manufacturing including Daimler/Freightliner, Navistar/International, Mack, Volvo, and Kenworth.

Working with large companies and large orders creates large receivables that take time to be processed and paid. For working capital to make payroll, pay fuel bills, purchase new equipment and fund other general and administrative expenses, TruckMovers relies on revolving credit lines and term loans from Country Club Bank.

“Our Country Club contacts like Brian Hoban and his team are true relationship bankers,” Glass said. “They've gotten to know us and our business and the way it works so when we request credit or new loans they know why we’re asking, how it will be used and how we’re going to pay it back. They make things easy because they’re knowledgeable about our business and so well-prepared.”

In addition to working capital, Country Club Bank has also financed new real estate transactions as TruckMovers has expanded its storage capabilities and hub-and-spoke delivery network. And even though operations now cover the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, Glass said the company is proud to be based in Kansas City and makes its partnership decisions accordingly. 

“Doing business in Kansas City and working with great local partners like Country Club Bank is very important to us,” Glass said. “They have the personalized touch, plus all the expertise, size and sophistication we need for our deal sizes and advisory needs.”

Trends in transportation: what to watch and where they’re going

Glass and his colleagues at TruckMovers are keen observers of transportation trends and market forces at work. Here are three they’re watching and planning for this year and beyond:

  • Driver shortages, pay and preferences. TruckMovers has designed its business around the needs and preferences of its drivers. Next day pay, high-volume loads, and an easy-to-use mobile app make it fast, easy and profitable for drivers to work with the TruckMovers team – and stay with the team. Driver pay, scheduling and quality of life considerations allow TruckMovers to attract and retain the best.

  • Supply chain health and stability. Glass said that supply chains for truck manufacturers, while not back to full strength, are much better than the past two years, with fewer delays due to on-shore supplier sourcing and shipping. Manufacturers have built stronger and closer supply chain partnerships to ensure parts availability and vehicle delivery capacity.

  • Electric vehicle handling and delivery. As the proliferation of electric trucks continues, TruckMovers is paying careful attention to how best to serve that market, adapt its handling equipment, and deal with nascent charging networks.

With tremendous growth over the past decade, its large network of contract drivers and industry-leading technology, TruckMovers is well-positioned to maintain its growth rate and track record of success. And capital from Country Club Bank will continue to be a key ingredient for success.

“Country Club Bank keeps us supplied with the essential fuel for any business – and that’s cash flow,” Glass said. “They care more, they know more, and that makes us feel like we get more by working with them.”

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