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"One of the most impressive differentials that sets so many of the CCB team members apart is that they care. Care and concern are rare qualities in today's business arena!"

– Gina Stuelke CEO, Kenton Brothers

Commercial and Industrial Lending:

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Acquisition Financing

Acquisition financing is a crucial tool for businesses looking to expand and grow. By providing the necessary capital to acquire another company or additional assets, acquisition financing enables businesses to seize growth opportunities and maximize their potential for success.

Aircraft Financing

Elevate your business with our comprehensive aircraft financing solutions. Whether you’re looking to finance the latest addition to your aircraft fleet or expanding your business to offer expedited and stylish executive travel, we've got you covered. Our aircraft financing options include tailored loans for purchasing or upgrading planes, ensuring a smooth journey towards aviation excellence for your business.

Management Succession Financing

Buyout financing presents a strategic and advantageous solution for entrepreneurs and companies looking to consolidate or transition ownership. By providing the necessary capital to complete the transaction, buyout financing empowers individuals to seize growth opportunities and maximize their potential for success in today's dynamic business landscape.

Cap-Ex and Equipment Financing

Cap-ex and equipment financing provide a smart, reliable method for businesses to acquire the necessary equipment and machinery for their operations. By spreading out the cost over time, through manageable installment payments and with competitive interest rates, these financing options enable enterprises to acquire the assets needed to succeed in their industry, enhance productivity and achieve long-term growth.

Contractor Financing

Contractor financing provides a valuable solution for contractors, allowing them to invest in their business and seize growth opportunities. With tailored payment options and specialized loan programs tailored to the needs of contractors, this financing option empowers professionals in the construction industry to acquire equipment, hire skilled labor and take on larger projects, ultimately accelerating their business growth and enhancing their competitive advantage.

Enterprise Value Financing

Enterprise value financing offers a strategic and versatile solution for businesses seeking growth capital or pursuing strategic initiatives powered by their cash flows and financial performance. By leveraging the full potential of a company's enterprise value, this financing option provides the necessary funding to expand operations, invest in new markets or execute acquisitions, enabling enterprises to unlock their true potential and maximize their long-term value and success.

Healthcare Financing

Discover specialized financing options designed for medical practices and physician-owners. Our offerings include practice acquisition loans, equipment financing, and working capital loans. Whether you're expanding your practice, buying into an existing one or need capital for essential equipment, our targeted financing solutions are here to support your success.

Non-Profit Financing

Non-profit financing is a vital resource that empowers organizations to fulfill their missions and make a lasting impact in their communities. With tailored funding solutions, favorable terms and expert guidance (including capital campaign underwriting), non-profit financing enables these organizations to secure the necessary capital to sustain operations, expand programs and drive positive change, ultimately creating a better future for those they serve. Additionally, we can help with non-profit investment management through our Country Club Trust Company division.

Owner Occupied Real Estate Financing

Owner-occupied real estate financing offers a strategic and financially sound solution for businesses looking to acquire or refinance their own commercial properties. With competitive rates, tailored terms and specialized loan programs, this financing option provides the necessary capital for businesses to invest in their long-term success, build equity and establish a solid foundation for growth.

Family Ownership Succession Financing

Family ownership succession financing provides a valuable opportunity for businesses to smoothly transition and ensure the continuity of their operations. With tailored funding solutions, competitive rates and expert guidance, this financing option enables businesses and their owners to navigate the intricacies of the family dynamic when transferring or consolidating ownership, empowering them to secure the necessary capital and facilitate a seamless transition, preserving the legacy and value they have built over time.

Professional Services Financing

Professional services financing is a strategic solution that empowers professionals to invest in their growth and success. With tailored loan options and competitive rates, this financing enables practitioners to access the necessary capital for expanding their practices, investing in technology and equipment and attracting top talent, ultimately ensuring their long-term success and delivering exceptional services to their clients.

Tax Credit and Incentive Financing

Tax credit financing is a smart and strategic choice for businesses to maximize financial opportunities. By leveraging tax credits to fund projects in areas such as renewable energy, historic preservation and affordable housing, businesses can not only reduce their tax liabilities but also contribute to critical initiatives that enhance communities and promote sustainable growth. Learn more here.

Working Capital Financing

Our customized working capital financing options are a powerful tool that empowers businesses to maintain a healthy cash flow and seize opportunities for growth. By providing the necessary funds to cover day-to-day operations, manage inventory and pursue expansion initiatives, working capital financing enables businesses to operate smoothly, adapt to market demands and ultimately thrive in a competitive landscape.

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"Before we were clients, every three or four months, the Country Club Bank folks would stop in. They didn't pressure me. They'd come in, drink a cup of coffee, and we'd visit and walk around. Then the time came when I was looking for something different than what I currently had – a more personal relationship with a bank. Not only did I move my business there, but I moved all my personal stuff, too. I'm a big fan"

– Jeff Snell CEO Worldwide Steel Buildings

Commercial Real Estate Lending

Please remember that email is not secure. Non-public personal and account information such as ACCOUNT and SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS should not be sent through email or our contact form.

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Commercial real estate financing offers a robust and strategic solution for businesses and investors looking to acquire or expand their property holdings. With favorable terms, competitive interest rates and personalized guidance, this financing option empowers entrepreneurs to make strategic investments in commercial real estate to fuel their growth and solidify their long-term success.

Construction Financing

Construction financing offers a short-term loan to help developers cover the costs of constructing a commercial property through completion of the project. With competitive terms and banking professionals that make the draw process simple and smooth, these financing solutions are designed to help you get the funds you need to build your project on time and within budget.

Home Builder Financing

Home builder financing offers a strategic and tailored solution for builders and developers to bring their housing projects to life. With access to capital for land acquisition, construction costs and other expenses, this financing option empowers builders to execute their visions, meet market demands and deliver quality homes, ultimately driving growth and profitability in the dynamic real estate industry.

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"We've also been fortunate to have Country Club Bank on our side. They have been incredible partners for us, always willing to work on difficult finance projects, whether it be real estate or succession planning, they've rolled up their sleeves and got it done."

– Kurt Weideman, Reeves Weideman

Small Business Lending

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SBA Loans

SBA loans offer an unparalleled opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners to access affordable financing and propel their ventures to new heights. With favorable terms, low interest rates and a streamlined application process, SBA loans provide a lifeline of capital that empowers businesses to expand, hire, invest and create long-term economic impact in their communities.

Term Loans

Term loans serve as a reliable and tailored financing option for businesses looking to fund specific projects or initiatives. With fixed repayment terms, competitive interest rates and customizable loan structures, term loans empower businesses to secure the capital they need to achieve their goals, whether it's expanding operations, purchasing assets or navigating unforeseen expenses.

Line of Credit

Business lines of credit provide a valuable and versatile financial tool for businesses, ensuring access to funds whenever and wherever needed. With flexibility in borrowing and repayment, competitive interest rates and the ability to borrow up to a predetermined credit limit, a business line of credit empowers businesses to seize opportunities, manage cash flow fluctuations and navigate unexpected expenses, ultimately fueling growth and maintaining financial stability.

Real Estate Loans

Real estate loans provide a powerful opportunity for companies to acquire or expand their property holdings and unlock new levels of success. With competitive interest rates, tailored terms and personalized guidance, these loans offer the necessary capital for businesses to invest in commercial properties, secure their future and build equity, all while positioning themselves for long-term growth in the dynamic real estate market.

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is a strategic and reliable financing solution that empowers businesses to acquire the equipment they need to thrive. With tailored terms, competitive rates and specialized loan programs, equipment financing enables companies to stay on the cutting edge, enhance productivity and maintain a competitive edge in their industry, ultimately helping to drive growth and profitability in the long run.

Acquisition Financing

Acquisition financing offers a transformative opportunity to expand operations, enter new markets or acquire competitors. With tailored financing solutions, favorable terms and expert guidance, small businesses can overcome financial barriers, secure the necessary capital and execute successful acquisitions that propel them to new levels of growth and market success.

"Our Country Club contacts like Brian Hoban and his team are true relationship bankers,” Glass said. "They've gotten to know us and our business and the way it works so when we request credit or new loans they know why we're asking, how it will be used and how we're going to pay it back. They make things easy because they're knowledgeable about our business and so well-prepared."


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