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Client Spotlight: Display Studios

Display Studios enjoys a better banking experience with Country Club Bank

John McCoy, CEO and owner of Display Studios, is driven by relationships, and it shows.

From long-term customers to employee shareholders to trusted legal, accounting and banking advisors, he invests in and relies on relationships to guide and grow Display Studios, a maker of exhibits and displays since 1937.

McCoy's journey with Display Studios began 44 years ago, helping his father and business partners catch up on the weekends and grow the business from a local provider to a national player.

Taking over the reins in 1999, McCoy and his team of 25 dedicated designers, fabricators and account managers work with 70 clients nationwide. McCoy is proud that the team's average tenure at Displays Studios is 15 years. Several team members have become shareholders through hard work, loyalty, and leadership potential.

“We have a great team, and we believe in granting ownership to those who have earned it,” McCoy said. “Our history of shared ownership builds stronger relationships with our employees, and we think it’s crucial for our future success.”

McCoy said another strong relationship that has paid dividends over the years is the one with Country Club Bank. It started when McCoy grew tired of constant paperwork demands from his previous bank, a nationwide provider.

“With our previous national banking provider, we’d never missed a payment, had a shortage of funds, or had any serious business problems, yet they wanted information from us all the time because it was their policy,” said McCoy. “I knew there had to be an easier way.”

McCoy was referred to Country Club Bank by another business owner.

“They came in with good questions and genuine interest,” McCoy said. “We went with them immediately, and we’ve never looked back.”

Display Studios’ national clients often require long payment terms, which can create cash flow problems when materials and labor must be used before final payments are collected. A line of credit with Country Club Bank fills the gap.

“Lumber, show services, building crates and shipping must be paid for upfront,” McCoy said. “Country Club Bank gives us important operating capital that keeps things running smoothly – without the hassle of paperwork requests every month.”

Instead of paperwork, McCoy relies on regular conversations with the team at Country Club Bank.

“We talk monthly by phone or in person, and there’s a lot of value in those conversations,” said McCoy. “It’s a much easier way to do business with that level of trust and rapport.”

Reflecting on the company's 87-year history and his part in it, McCoy feels a deep sense of fulfillment and appreciation for all partners, past and present.

The partnership with Country Club Bank has not only provided financial benefits but also contributed to the company's ethos of building strong relationships.

“Country Club Bank is a quality partner at every level; they’re patient, committed, loyal and supportive,” said McCoy. “They provide everything you look for in a great relationship.”