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Client Spotlight: Jack Stack Barbecue

Jack Stack Barbecue Continues to Grow With the Highest-Quality Foods, Systems – And Capital from Country Club Bank

When Case Dorman was 16 and took his first job at Jack Stack Barbecue, little did he know it was the beginning of a journey that would eventually lead him to buying and becoming CEO of one of the area’s best-known barbecue brands. Since then, he’s created one of the most successful multi-faceted food companies in the Midwest that includes six restaurants, an event center and its own line of Jack Stack rubs, sauces and prepared foods sold nationwide.

Like many great entrepreneurs, Case Dorman started humbly and modestly at the company that would eventually become his life’s work.

For Dorman’s first day on the job at Jack Stack Barbecue – Mother’s Day – he was assigned to serve beans on the buffet line.

After nearly being fired that day by the original owner Jack Fiorella for serving cold beans, Dorman went on to marry Jennifer Fiorella (Jack’s daughter), rise through the ranks and purchase the bustling Martin City location along with other company assets in 2009.

“Jennifer and I always loved the business, the food, the loyal following and the potential for new growth,” Dorman said. “And we had a vision for new locations, products, events and catering and other ways of diversifying.”

Their vision has been realized and continues to expand. With six Jack Stack restaurant locations spread across the Kansas City area, Fiorella’s Event Center, a full line of rubs and sauces and its own meat processing facility, the company has grown to more than 900 employees.

This expansion and growth have required significant capital over the years. For his real estate, equipment, inventory and credit line financing, Dorman relies on Country Club Bank.

“After we bought the company in 2009, we knew we wanted to work with Country Club Bank,” Dorman said. “Their family values, solid fundamentals and emphasis on relationships have made them the best locally owned bank in Kansas City.”

Dorman said the attention to detail, steady leadership and deep commitment to Kansas City are other reasons he continues to collaborate with the Bank.

“They’re local, we’re local, and we’re both heavily involved in making our communities better with new ideas, new investments and new jobs,” Dorman said. “That kind of common ground means a lot to us and that’s why we work with Country Club Bank.”

Smart Supply Chain Strategies That Ensure Availability and Cost Control

When the pandemic hit, Dorman and his meat buyers were prepared. With its own meat processing facility, and long-term buying contracts with the country's biggest meat packers, Jack Stack was able to keep restaurants stocked and prices in check.

“Everybody has seen the problems with supply chains and we’ve had our challenges in certain areas like everyone else,” Dorman said. “But our dedicated protein buyers have done an amazing job of connecting with the best suppliers and creating long-term futures agreements that allow us to lock in prices and guarantee supply.”

The stability in its protein supply has also allowed the company to expand into more pre-packed and prepared foods for grocery and online sales.

“Our packaged foods and partnerships with grocery stores have grown nicely with our steady supply, new channels and new products,” Dorman said. “And it all takes capital from a good partner like Country Club Bank.”

Consistent with his supply chain strategy, Dorman and his team, which now includes his two adult sons, Taylor and Keaton, are always thinking ahead and looking to expand.

Fiorella's event and catering facility not only provides an excellent option for weddings, meetings and corporate events, but also creates a valuable food, beverage and service innovation lab for the rest of the organization.

Restaurant locations are always under discussion, and new extensions of the Jack Stack brand into packaged and prepared foods are in the works as well. All of it requires growth capital.

“We’ve got big plans ahead and Country Club Bank is a vital growth capital partner,” Dorman said. “They’re smart and engaged, they’re a pleasure to work with and they care about our success.”