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Client Spotlight: McAnany Construction


McAnany Construction paves the way for third-generation family leadership and new growth, with operating capital from Country Club Bank 

Ben McAnany photo Ben McAnany has come a long way since his first $16.50 paycheck earned 20 years ago washing construction equipment at McAnany Construction. Always fascinated by the family business run by his father, Pat, and his uncles, little did Ben know he might someday be responsible for charting its future in its 70th year in business.

Ben, a third-generation co-owner along with his cousin Eric Vossman, began his leadership journey only 10 years ago,  but the company has been paving and maintaining roads and parking lots across the Kansas City metro area since its founding by Ben’s grandfather, Richard, and his brother John McAnany in 1954. 

“We’re grateful for this opportunity and want to make the most of it for ourselves and the families of those that work here,” said Ben. “We’re very hands-on, with Eric’s background in architecture and my background on the sales and financial side, we make good partners, and it’s been great to continue the family business together.”

Over the decades, McAnany Construction has not only survived but thrived, weathering business transitions and economic fluctuations. With a constant need for new equipment and supplies, a strong partnership with Country Club Bank has ensured capital availability through various stages of growth and transformation.

McAnany Construction logoOne of the most valuable benefits of the partnership has been the flexible credit line provided by Country Club Bank. The revolving line of credit has been crucial for managing cash flow, especially with large projects that require significant upfront investment. 

"We might be getting five million from a customer but need to pay out two million immediately," Ben said. “The ability to access funds quickly has eased operational pressures and allowed us to make faster decisions and focus on growth.”

Systems and facilities have also been upgraded to meet modern safety, security and productivity standards. 

"Our financial and operational software systems have been upgraded, and we’re also updating offices and other physical plant assets," Ben said. “Country Club Bank has played a large part in funding these projects.”

Over the past decade, McAnany Construction has grown from 45 employees and $30 million in revenue to 134 employees and an expected $85 million in revenue this year. 

According to Ben, this growth has been organic and driven by the trust and faith placed in their employees. 

"We have a saying around here,” said Ben. “People don’t work for us; they work with us. Everyone at every level is important, and we want to recognize that and reward it daily.”

Ben said the relationship with Country Club Bank is built on the same principles of humility, honesty and hard work.

“They are very much a bank of faith, trust and teamwork,” said Ben. “They tell you what’s possible, figure out what’s best for all stakeholders and do everything they can to make that happen.”