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Client Spotlight- Wayside Waifs

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Wayside Waifs delivers brighter futures for pets and people with treasury support from Country Club Bank

Kathryn Mahoney holding a dog imageAt Wayside Waifs in south Kansas City, more than 27,000 pets and people receive services each year, making it one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the country.

Set on a 50-acre campus, this haven for animals features a climate-controlled 68,000 sq ft main facility where dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, ferrets, hamsters, and guinea pigs enjoy comfortable accommodations as they await their new adoptive families.

Kathryn Mahoney, CPA, CAWA, the president of Wayside Waifs, is grateful for the opportunity to weave her professional vocation with her passion for animal welfare.

“It’s a great feeling to come to work daily knowing that we’re helping so many people find joy and companionship with their new pets. We're also continuing to expand our education and outreach programs so pet owners can keep pets in homes where they belong," Mahoney said. “It’s easy to have a good day when you see happy animals and families together.”

dog holding food bowl imageWith a staff of 90 and an annual budget of $8 million, Wayside Waifs relies on treasury tools and services from Country Club Bank to collect fees and donations.

Mahoney appreciates the services and support provided by Country Club Bank, especially the convenience of online banking, merchant account management, and sweep account interest-earning opportunities. These tools allow her and her staff to track and manage finances efficiently from their desks, but they also know that answers to their most pressing questions are only a phone call away.

“The people at Country Club Bank are a pleasure to work with,” Mahoney said. "They check on us often, update us on new solutions, and make sure we always have what we need.”

Wayside Waifs logoCurrently celebrating “80 years of saving lives,” Wayside Waifs continues to expand operations and services to rescue and care for more animals and look for ways to serve families and pets in need of each other. Mahoney said the partnership with Country Club Bank is crucial to their future.

“They help us with our money, but they also help us with our mission,” Mahoney said. “It’s terrific to work with a bank as responsive and committed to the community as we are.”